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500 million US dollars for
mega logistics park in Qatar.

Nasser Bin Khaled International a subsidiary of Nasser Bin Khaled and Sons, is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) from Germany for the establishment of a USD 500 million dollar state of the art fully automated mega logistics park to fulfill the requirements of the growing logistics needs of Qatar.

EPG is Germany's leader in smart logistics and warehousing, serving the most prestigious clients in Europe including DHL, Rossmann, Hellmann, Fiege, Pilatus, Volkswagen, BOMAG and others. H.E Sheikh Nawaf, Chairman of NBK Group stated that the signing of this MOU with Marco Ehrhardt, President of EPG brings to Qatar the latest technology in computerized logistics making Qatar a world class logistics hub and strengthening the relations between Qatari and German Companies.


Marco Ehrhardt, President of E+P Group and Sheikh H.E. Nawaf Nasser Bin Khaled Al–Thani, Chairman of NBK on the German-Qatar investment conference in Berlin

We are the Ehrhardt + Partner Group.

EPG is global leader in smart logistics and computerized warehousing, serving some of the most prestigious clients in Europe including DHL, Fiege, Hellmann, Rossmann, Volkswagen, Pilatus, BOMAG and others. EPG provides integrated supply chain execution software including Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Control System (WCS) and Transportation Management Software (TMS).

Global Leader in Smart Logistics Solutions

Total Solution Provider in Logistics.

LFS logistics software

The LFS software suite is the supply chain execution system for all your logistics needs. Use the LFS software system to control your entire logistics operations and flow of materials: across all industries, and while taking advantage of our modular design.

Private Cloud Solutions

We offer a secure and transparent private cloud solution for all your logistics data. Ehrhardt + Partner Xtended (EPX) lends a hand as you enter the cloud. Get started now by optimizing your processes today, thanks to our

Logistics planning and consulting

Integrated approaches for sustainable and future-proof logistics solutions: strategically planned and strategically executed at all times. Ehrhardt + Partner Consulting (EPC) is your expert for custom warehouse and logistics strategies.

Warehouse hardware and infrastructure

We offer the hardware and equipment needed for managing your warehouse but, as an innovative logistics expert, we also develop custom solutions. What are your specific requirements? We would be happy to prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

The E+P Group.

Global Supply Chain Execution Solution Market Leader

14 locations, more than 550 staff, more than 1,500 warehouse projects, and over 60,000 LFS users daily: companies around the world enjoy the benefits of the excellent quality and cost-effectiveness of our supply chain solutions. 

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    Auf dem Königslande 39
    D-22041 Hamburg

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    Carl-Zeiss-Straße 1
    D-63755 Alzenau

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topVOX Russia
Akademicheskiy“ business-center
Prospect 60-letiya Oktyabrya, 9/2
Moscow, Russian Federation, 117312

Phone: (+7) 967 299 36 60



Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions US
15720 Brixham Hill Ave, Suite 334
Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: (+1) 704 927 1483


Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions Brazil
Rua Oscar Freire, 2295
Pinheiros - São Paulo - SP
CEP: 05409-011, Brasil

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Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions S.L.
Calle Benet Mateu, 40
08034 Barcelona

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Ashcombe Court
Woolsack Way, Godalming
Surrey, GU7 1LQ

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Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions AG
Platz 3
CH-6039 Root D4

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03-126 Warszawa

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Czech Republic

Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions s.r.o.
Office Center Hradcanská, Building B, 5th Floor
Milady Horákové 116/109, Hradčany
160 00, Prague 6

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Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions DWC-LLC
P.O. Box 644300
Dubai, UAE

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Highly automated, smart and digital logistics solutions.

An important aspect of digitalization and automation in logistics is the complete mapping of process and information flows across the entire supply chain. This requires smart IT solutions that work together on a cross-sectoral basis.


EPG is a proven global Supply Chain Execution Solution market leader

Founded in 1987, EPG has successfully delivered supply chain execution solutions to nearly 1,100 customers globally. Over 550 employees of EPG are dedicated to create solutions that ensure a flawless execution of the logistics processes of their customers.


EPG develops future-proof solutions

EPG has always been at the forefront of industry trends, such as cloud, optimized storage and retrieval automation and ecommerce enablement, continously developing future-proof market leading solutions to improve the customers supply chain. All solutions are technology agnostic, ensuring they can be supported with your existing and prospective technical infrastructure. Our solutions can run on-premise or in a secure cloud environment.


“Best in Class” for warehouse automation 

LFS is optimized to work in automated storage and retrieval environments, increasing the performance of existing automation investments. The LFS solution runs fully and partially automated warehouses so that they can maximize space and optimize resource utilization to increase the lifespan and capacity of facilities and equipment.

for all your needs.

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