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more security, more flexibility.

The private business cloud will be an integral part of the future. So why not start optimizing your processes today, and start using our virtual solution? Ehrhardt Partner Xtended (EPX) has developed CLOUD with you in mind, providing you with exactly the features you actually need. It’s flexible and transparent, and easy on your investment budget.


Easily expand your cloud, whenever needed. With EPX Private Partner Cloud, we have developed a concept that grows alongside your business, while you – of course! – pay only for what you need. What you get is a customized infrastructure solution (with backups always included), which, if required, we can even provide as a high-performance and guaranteed high-availability solution.

Perfectly tailored to your needs.

We will design
a custom requirements profile.

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio for your IT logistics outsourcing needs.


  • LFS computing power runs on state-of-the-art IBM systems
  • 24/7 management thanks to EPX, our subsidiary
  • Infrastructure located in the extremely secure TelemaxX data center with multi-secured access control, and across separate sections of the building
  • Redundant optical fiber links, directly connected to the European Internet exchange point – for maximally secure lines
  • Data protection in accordance with strict German legislation

Managed Service

  • Administration, operation of the LFS server, and comprehensive support of the logistics software EPG ONE™ and IT infrastructure in accordance with the criteria that we define together.
  • Data backup, printer setup, and support regarding all your questions relating to LFS. Together, we will develop a customized cloud solution for you that safeguards your competitive edge and reduces your costs.

Cloud Computing

  • On-demand infrastructure, such as computers, storage solutions, and networks, and on-demand software, such as operating systems and the EPG ONE™ Supply Chain Execution Suite
  • EPX provides the preconfigured warehouse management system (LFS)
  • We manage your cloud in accordance with your specific requirements
  • No hardware investment needed
  • Maximum flexibility in managing your warehouse(s)

 Benefit from

  • Flexibility when adapting your warehouse infrastructure
  • Outsourcing your server infrastructure
  • Accessing your EPG ONE™ Supply Chain Execution Suite directly from within the partner cloud
  • Adapting the computer power required quickly and easily when adding new sites or clients
Increase the flexibility of your logistics chain!

Our cloud and hosting solutions.

The benefits of the CLOUD are impressive.

  • Increased flexibility, availability, and security when using LFS
  • Includes 24/7 on-call support for our hosting services
  • Additional sites/subsidiaries and new clients can easily be integrated
  • No internal resources need to be tied up for server management
  • Personalized configuration of our high-performance hosting offering – to your exact needs
  • No need for costly investments in your own IT structure and in the technical expertise which might be required
  • CLOUD scales with your business: adjust your capacities according to customer demand
Would you like to find out more about IT outsourcing with EPX? Ehrhardt + Partner Xtended