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Automotive & Spare Parts

Automotive & Spare PartsAutomotive & Spare Parts

Always just-in-time:
LFS for the automotive and spare parts industry.

Error-free logistics is essential for business. This is especially true of the automotive and spare parts industry. Trucks deliver a wide range of spare parts and production parts to authorized car repair shops and dealerships several times a day – which is the only way to ensure that defective vehicles are repaired quickly and efficiently. LFS manages and controls the processes associated with such sophisticated logistics operations. Our warehouse management system can even cope with the multitude of the various parts and variations, from the smallest electronic component to large structural body parts, and always finds the most appropriate HU. With LFS, you get to take advantage of this perfect interplay between production and logistics.

Ehrhardt + BOMAG Logistics.

Cutting-edge spare parts logistics.

One comprehensive solution for individual needs.

Industry-specific features and functions at a glance.


Automotive & Spare Parts

  • Multi-order picking using transport equipment
  • Just-in-time/just-in-sequence processes
  • Maximum order processing speed
  • Webstore integration

LFS.wms includes a variety of
modules for the automotive and spare parts industry.

  • Transportation Management Solutions LFS.tms
  • Multi-order picking: 2-stage work packages
  • Integrated shipping system: connection of CEP providers
  • Freight capacity calculation
  • Slot-Management
  • Shop Orders
  • Cross-Docking

Spare parts logistics with LFS.

Spare parts logistics is one of the greatest challenges in the automotive industry. To repair defects on cars, authorized repair shops need to be supplied with the appropriate spare parts several times a day and at regular intervals. Speed and extreme flexibility are key – be it tires, windshields, or exhaust systems. A modern logistics system needs to be ready to handle any type of requirement. From putaway to warehouse management, all the way to the picking processes: LFS manages and controls each process and, furthermore, even controls the materials handling technology inside the warehouse.

In the spotlight.

LFS.tms connects the warehouse with the road.

A single solution for intralogistics and transport: Know where your vehicles are at all times, easily calculate the best possible route for each individual tour, and track the shipping status online. With our LFS.tms line of products (“transportation management solutions”), we provide one comprehensive TMS solution. By intelligently connecting your system with our warehouse management solutions, LFS.wms manages and controls the logistics inside the warehouse and the logistics on the road using one single system – without the need for a special interface to third-party solutions.

All processes are managed and controlled from within LFS, and are kept in sync in an intelligent way.