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LFS.wms is growing with the needs of Königs Logistik.

Königs Logistik GmbH is putting its faith in LFS.wms from Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P) - to be ready and equipped for future growth. The warehouse management system will optimize all the logistics service provider's processes from now on and also be used at the new Mackenstein site. By using LFS.wms, the Königs Group subsidiary will benefit from maximum accuracy for stock figures, allowing the logistics service provider to meet the demands of its customers with an efficient and comprehensive logistics software solution.

Logistics service provider puts its faith in warehouse management system from E+P.

The Königs Group has been operating as a debt solutions provider for more than 20 years. Since 2013 and the founding of Königs Logistik, the Group has provided a complete package, ranging from accounting through debt collection to full logistics processing.

The logistics service provider places a particularly high value on the flexibility of its processes, which is why it uses the warehouse management system from E+P in its warehouse. "We were really impressed by the versatility LFS.wms provides. Even the standard package of the new software meets our requirements and the needs of our customers thanks to the large number of features", says Stephan Vollenbroich, IT Project Manager for Logistics at the Königs Group The logistics service provider warehouses high-value, big-ticket products from the electronics sector, as well as other goods. "The features provided by LFS.wms, such as weight checking, batch traceability and serial number handling, give Königs Logistik maximum accuracy when it comes to their inventory figures", says Jeanette Schmidt, Project Manager at E+P.

The company is planning to move to a new, larger warehouse with floorspace of 2000m2 and 1700 bin locations in the near future. LFS.wms will also be used at the new site - as the warehouse management system can grow with the needs of the logistics service provider. Königs Logistik can easily add new sites, clients and processes to the software itself to expand the system. Stephan Vollenbroich is fully convinced: "Whether picking and dispatching goods or handling returns, we can really see that a lot of processes are quicker and more flexible already. Because LFS.wms has a multi-tenant architecture, we have also laid the foundations for the future growth of our company. Ehrhardt + Partner is the right partner for future development of our logistics division."