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JAS Forwarding trusts in the server hosting of EPG

The transport and logistics service provider JAS Forwarding GmbH sees to the needs of customers worldwide in the areas of air and sea freight, as well as warehousing. In Germany alone, JAS has more than 300 employees at 11 locations. At the German headquarters Neu-Isenburg in the vicinity of Frankfurt Airport, an optimization of the entire distribution of goods was on the agenda. This optimization included the shipment of goods, coordination of shuttle deliveries, bonded goods handling, and quality management, among other things. For the organization of all warehouse processes, JAS sought a solution with maximum transparency and security. The company placed particular importance on an IT infrastructure that grows with its needs with data management in a secure cloud. 

JAS opted for a solution that grows with the customer.

Supplier selection


JAS decided on a solution that grows with its needs: While searching for a supplier with a flexible and highly available IT infrastructure, the choice quickly fell on the cloud solution of EPG. “We trusted EPG from the beginning because its basic security concept and the professionalism of the entire team convinced us,” Jens Vinson, Manager for 3PL at JAS, explains. “It was especially important to us that the data is saved in Germany and not in a cloud in the United States.” For the medium-sized company, the flexibility of the outsourcing solution was a decisive advantage. Due to the hosting service, JAS did not need its own specially trained personnel to operate the server. 


The solution

Within only three months, EPG implemented its warehouse management system (LFS). The software is operated in EPG cloud. Through a secure, high-performance MPLS connection, JAS accesses the services of EPG subsidiary Ehrhardt + Partner Xtended (EPX) at any time. The EPX computers are located in one of the TelemaxX high-security computer centers in Karlsruhe. JAS can adapt the IT capacity to its current demand whenever needed.

The warehouse management system (LFS) optimizes the processes in the order-picking, pallet, and pallet supply warehouses, as well as those in the shelving area of the 10,000 m² warehouse. LFS monitors and optimizes the entire logistics system. The complex procedures in quality control are also controlled by the software. If a product defect is discovered, it is immediately blocked. This guarantees that only perfect goods are delivered to customers and dealers. In addition to the warehouse management system (LFS), EPG also provides warehouse hardware, such as MDE devices, fork lift terminals, printers, and mobile workstations. 


The result

At Neu-Isenburg, JAS processes about 42,000 orders a year with about 110,000 order items. The logistics service provider saves investment costs in expensive hardware by outsourcing the IT infrastructure. Through the constant support and updates of the EPX services, the IT of JAS is always up-to-date. The server location also guarantees maximum data security. EPX hosts all data in high-security computer centers in Germany according to German law.

Through IT outsourcing, the warehouse control system grows flexibly with the company's needs. In 2012, JAS launched with a single customer on a 3,000 m² storage area. In 2016, 15 customers are connected to LFS over a 10,000 m² storage area. Additional clients can be integrated with ease.