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Lower inventory costs by up to 20 % with the Inventory Health Check.

Unnecessary operating costs in the warehouse arise if inventory is not managed efficiently. In these times in particular, many companies want to avoid this situation and keep their inventory to a minimum or reduce existing safety inventory again. To makes this fast and easy, EPG (Ehrhardt + Partner Group) has added the Inventory Health Check app to its Consulting Suite – the first online optimization platform for logistics. This allows logistics managers to obtain the necessary transparency regarding their current stock situation, identify coverage and inventory drivers and use the subsequently suggested measures for implementing further optimizations.

New app in the Consulting Suite.

The Inventory Health Check app helps companies to continuously manage the important scheduling parameters. The growing data quantities in the warehouse present a challenge for many companies. They often lack the know-how or resources to regularly maintain the collected data and make it usable for optimizations. “With the Inventory Health Check, we have developed an intuitive solution that records the current status of the inventory situation with just a few clicks,” says Marcel Wilhelms, General Manager of the EPG | CONSULTING division at EPG. “The app identifies coverage and inventory drivers based on the warehouse data while also identifying areas requiring action. The continuous inventory management can result in a reduction of inventory costs by up to 20 percent, depending on the starting situation.”


Suggested measures included

The Inventory Health Check starts with a status quo analysis and identifies factors such as shortages and excess inventory, examines the number of managed articles and acquisition cycles and identifies which batch sizes are practical for which article group. Based on the evaluation of this data, the Inventory Health Check offers an initial assessment of the potential to lower the inventory. This allows warehouse managers to derive measures which lead to better supply performance, more flexibility and a customized acquisition strategy.