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Two warehouse workers benefits of the voice picking system
Hello Lydia® Hello Lydia®

Stay ahead of the game with the world’s most advanced voice picking system.

EPG’s Voice Picking System Lydia® Voice provides a complete integrated enterprise voice solution supported by a 24 x 7 staffed support center that excels at multi-site customer implementations and has successfully scaled to more than 7,000 users on a single server instance. Our Voice Picking System Lydia® Voice offers unparalleled voice recognition with its deep neural network technology and interfaces with a multitude of WMS and ERP solutions. Our Co-Exist Solution enables companies to easily operate a two-vendor voice strategy without having to undertake any additional voice integration efforts. The voice technology Lydia® Voice provides you the freedom to implement your solution how you want and on your preferred Android or Windows devices from suppliers such as Zebra. We provide traditional on-premise licensing as well as SaaS and Managed Hosted Service options.

See Lydia® Voice in Action!

Download free Lydia® Voice picking demo app.

Lydia® Voice Demo App on Android Phone shows screen of the app.

Our Lydia Voice Demo guides you through the process to pick an order via voice. Think about placing an order online and now, you will hear how that order will be fulfilled using Lydia Voice. The process is easy to follow and interactive – workers are excited to use voice and you’ll be excited, too when your distribution center achieves approximately 35% productivity improvements! You might think that’s too good to believe and want to know how is that possible? Lydia Voice removes multiple steps in a standard workflow process – the standard nine step process is reduced to five voice-directed steps. Lydia Voice helps you make it happen, often with a return on investment in less than nine months.


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Optimize your workflow performance
with Lydia® Voice.

It's a balancing act between optimising your workforce, often with temporary workers and streamlining existing processes to reduce costs and make an efficient business run even better. EPG with our authorised solution partners can help you identify approaches to reduce your operating costs, while supporting increased workforce productivity and greater worker accuracy.

Helping companies with mobile workers optimize processes

That's what we do. EPG is a leading provider of innovative voice technology solutions. Our Lydia Voice Software provides you with streamlined, best-in-class business processes to take your organisation to the next level of operating efficiency. Our supply chain expertise has helped us successfully onboard hundreds of thousands of mobile workers around the world, with market-leading experience working with SAP customers using eWM and WM and multiple other WMS solutions.

Delivering results starts with our value engagement process

Our team will learn more about your specific business objectives as we gain an understanding of your detailed operational and workflow processes. We meet with key management to better understand the prioritisation of the business issues that you want to address.

Together, we will physically walk through one of your targeted facilities to document and observe workers executing various tasks. Our observations and recommendations go well beyond just where voice technology could add quantifiable business value. Our aim is to help you run smarter connected logistics.

Benefits of Lydia® Voice picking system at a glance.

  • Intuitive operation, completely voice-controlled
  • Reduced training time of new employees
  • Uses advanced neural network technology for excellent voice recognition
  • Optimum ergonomics
  • Improved process quality and increased efficiency
  • Short amortisation period
  • Flexible connection to WMS and ERP systems
  • Hardware and platform independent
  • Solutions for businesses and enterprises

Lydia 8
- With deep neural network computing.

Increased voice recognition and improved support for difficult dialects


Our latest Release Lydia 8 takes speech-recognition to a whole new level, utilising the latest AI technology, "Deep Neural Networks". It provides you superior voice recognition even for those with challenging speech patterns and mixed dialects.

With Lydia 8, even speakers with strong dialects or accents will be able to immediately work with the system without the requirement to complete an individual 30-45 minutes speech template training. Utilising deep neural network technology clearly increases the so-called confidence level. Meaning, in the past, “weak speakers” sometimes created “bad signals” leading to failed recognition. Recognition fails do not necessarily lead to picking errors, but the speakers are required to repeat their input.

With Lydia 8 even the inputs of those “weak speakers” will now be taken above the confidence threshold, leading to 99,9% recognition rate, less training time, higher efficiency and motivated work force. Lydia Voice has consistently provided customers moving from handheld scanning to voice a 25% to 35% productivity increase. Customers moving to Lydia® Voice from a competitive voice solution have gained an additional 8% to 12% improvement in worker productivity.

Voice Picking System Lydia Voice

We are your voice technology experts

Every one of our customer engagements begins by developing a deep understanding of your unique business challenges. We are then able to apply our extensive warehouse and industry expertise to recommend a solution that achieves your business goals and leverages best-practice processes to optimize your return on investment, while ensuring acceptance and adoption from your team.

Lydia® Voice picking system gets your warehouse moving!

The Lydia® Voice Suite is the leading-edge software solution for workflow processes that are both voice-controlled as well as ergonomic. The hands-free/eyes-free concept ensures that users enjoy maximum freedom of movement while being able to fully focus on essential process steps.

When using Lydia®, staff are equipped with nothing but a headset and a mobile voice computer. The order data from the upstream warehouse management or ERP system is transmitted to the mobile voice clients via wireless LAN or UMTS, and converted into voice commands.

All information – such as bin location, amount or quantity to be retrieved, or even item descriptions – is dictated by the Lydia® system via step-by-step voice output and individually confirmed by the staff member via voice input.


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