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WMS software: For a smooth warehouse workflow.

WMS software is needed to run warehouse operations efficiently. For any warehouse management, it is essential that the warehouse workflow is smooth and therefore cost-effective. WMS software has to find and make items available quickly to prevent production stopping and to guarantee fast delivery. Recording such movements of goods manually would not only be extremely tedious, but very time-consuming and unnecessary. LFS from the Ehrhardt Partner Group is an extremely efficient and flexible warehouse management system that is designed to control manual and automated warehouse processes.

This graphic shows a screenshot of LFS.wms the warehouse management software by Ehrhardt + Partner Group.
Warehouse Management Software LFS by Ehrhardt + Partner Group.

Benefits of our WMS software.

For warehousing to function properly in a fully automated workflow, an electronic support system is needed to monitor and control all processes from one centralized location. Work in high-bay warehouses, in particular, would be prohibitive if it weren’t for such systems. This calls for the use of warehouse management software: A reliable electronic support system that is tailored to your organization’s specific requirements. Because all goods handling processes are recorded by the software, your inventory is always up-to-date and you get complete transparency over the current situation in your warehouse. Logistics processes run smoothly, sources of error are reduced to a minimum via automation and daily stock management is easier. By controlling the scrap rate, you can also exploit further potential for optimization.

Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) presents the WMS software LFS.

The benefits of a software-supported approach to warehouse management include that inventory is always kept current and that users have full transparency into what is going on inside their warehouse. A WMS software makes it possible for logistics processes to run smoothly, making not only the daily work performed by warehouse staff easier but also reducing any margin of error to a minimum. Furthermore, this allows for the reject rate to be kept under control and, consequently, to introduce improvements. The pulse of logistics beats in the warehouse management system LFS. This is where all the information from logistics is brought together in real time. Software support for warehouse management delivers significant potential for optimizing daily warehouse operations.


Why is smart WMS software necessary?

According to a recent IBM study, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data are created every day. That is equivalent to the storage capacity of 36 million iPads. But most of it is unstructured and therefore cannot be used. Predicting future developments, patterns and trends is inaccurate. Specifically for logistics, this means that it is not possible to make concrete recommendations for action and identify potential options for warehouse processes from the mass of unstructured data without the support of technology.

But how can logistics specialists get an over and exploit the flood of data? According to a Bitkom study, only 2% of all logistics specialists use advanced methods to analyze their data. This is where EPG's WMS software comes in. The warehouse management system LFS is designed as a hub where all the data generated from digitizing and networking the warehouse infrastructure comes together. The system bundles together, structures and clearly presents process information and status reports for the warehouse infrastructure and assets at a central point, all connect by the Internet of things. The information displayed in the WMS provides employees at the control center with valuable decision-making data and recommendations for action for day-to-day logistics. 

Operating principle of a WMS
software with barcode solution.

Before a WMS software can be put into operation, the technical requirements within the organization need to be examined closely. Such an inspection check is vital if later problems in terms of putaway and shipping are to be avoided. In part, a software program for managing your warehouse is to be developed that is tailored to your specific organization and to your workflow processes. This is the case when it comes to highly complex item number hierarchies, for example. Here, the software-based system captures incoming goods upon goods received and outgoing goods upon goods issued. In addition, the goods are assigned an order number to allow for precise tracking. All that is needed now is to enter either the name or the order number into the system to determine where the item is located in the warehouse. Combined with an RF data transmission or Pick-by-Voice module for voice-controlled picking, this software solution offers a maximum in efficiency, precision, and productivity. RFID solutions have also come to play an increasingly important role. Thanks to an RFID tag, individual items can easily be captured and scanned by means of a scanner.

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Looking for the right WMS software?

Questions about our WMS software.

Central warehouse management of workflows must meet a lot of requirements and must be flexible enough to adapt and expand in step with your business processes. Starting from the bottom up, WMS software has to be tailored exactly to industry-specific customer requirements. We answer some of the key questions about the WMS software LFS from EPG in the paragraphs below.

Today, a WMS software needs to accomplish considerably more than just managing and organizing a warehouse. With our warehouse management system, we help customers to plan and control the entire flow of materials and information, and to manage operational planning of your staff and all available resources.

A modern WMS software supports enterprise management systems (ERP) and the control of overall logistics. It makes logistical processes transparent and allows them to be analyzed and optimized. You can find out more about the requirements of a modern warehouse system in our guide. Our WMS software, the warehouse management system LFS, is our solution for intelligent networked warehouse management, individually adapted to the requirements of different industries. The warehouse management system is designed for simple applications, as well as for complex logistic processes.

A WMS software should be tailored to the requirements of a wide range of industries and can optionally be developed to meet the customers’ needs. LFS actively guides the movement of all manual and automated storage units, 100% safely and with maximum transparency – making it stand out against typical WMS systems.

Among our customers, there are numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, working with our WMS software LFS. The flexibility and the modular structure of the system allows a compilation according to our costumers' requirements and company size. An overview of our customers can be found on our reference page.

Yes, LFS operates on all common platforms (OS = Operating System), such as Windows, Linux, IBM iSeries (AS/400, i5), macOS and mobile on Windows, Android and iOS.

Yes, EPG offers its own private cloud solution (EPX) in the form of CLOUD, with data protection according to strict German law. With the infrastructure in the high-security branch of the TelemaxX in Karlsruhe, as well as redundant glass fiber connections, we ensure maximum performance security.

Ehrhardt + Partner Group (EPG) is one of the world's leading logistics experts and offers a complete solution for the industry with their EPG Software Suite. More than 100,000 users worldwide rely on the logistics system for their supply chain management. Learn more about our solutions or contact us.

In addition to a standard solution, we also offer a solution tailored to the requirements of our customers, such as the requirement of a barcode possibility (option). Common projects may also include the integration of voice-guided picking technology (pick-by-voice). QR codes / 2D Barcodes are also available.

Yes, our LFS is SAP-certified since 1997. Thanks to the standardized SAP interface, LFS and SAP are quickly linked and the effort is reduced to a minimum.

Sage and LFS can easily be connected to one another. In over 30 years, we have connected a wide range of customers to Sage's ERP system.

Integrated correctly, the RFID technology allows a higher quality of processing, simpler and accelerated logistic processes, as well as remarkable cost reductions. With our WMS software LFS, we are able to connect the rfid technology to your warehouse. You want to know more about the new RFID branch solutions and the EPG's specialised RFID expert? Simply contact us.