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International Shipping SystemInternational Shipping System

Cloud-based shipping logistics with EPG | ISS.

Cloud-based shipping logistics is the future to meet the growing challenges in logistics. Many different shipping methods, the large number of CEP providers and the demand for ever shorter delivery times are putting companies under pressure. EPG | ISS (International Shipping System) handles all your shipping logistics in just one tool. Quickly, easily and efficiently.


High performance and maximum availability: EPG | ISS from the cloud.

ISS is provided as a private cloud solution, so companies get all the benefits of EPG | CLOUD, including hosting, managed services and cloud computing. E+P provides the necessary infrastructure at the data center of its subsidiary EPX, Ehrhardt + Partner Xtended, and handles the connections to the various CEP providers.

The EPG | ISS shipping software.

The International Shipping System ISS is a stand-alone solution and can be used whatever higher-level WMS you are using.


The integrated shipping system starts planning shipment soon after the order is received. ISS communicates directly with the higher-level WMS for this purpose. All the relevant information for the order is used to generate a routing code for optimal routing, which is reported back to the WMS.

Shipping label

After the goods are picked and packed, ISS selects the right routing information based on the relevant order data. A barcoded shipping label is then created with all the applicable data, such as address, weight, number of packages, routing code and shipping unit number – always taking into account the specific requirements of each CEP provider.


For dispatch, ISS generates proof of delivery for each specific parcel delivery service. The system also records and makes all the information available, such as the name of the collecting agent and the license plate of the vehicle. All the data is transferred quickly and securely to the service provider via EDI.

EPG | ISS for maximum efficiency.

Get your goods safely to their destination.

The International Shipping System gives you all the benefits of a stand-alone solution to handle your shipping logistics. And it really does not matter what warehouse management system you are using - ISS works flexibly and independently. It also connects you to many different CEP providers, so your goods can be dispatched cost-effectively. If needed, additional shipping methods and services can be integrated quickly and easily, giving you the ability to adapt to your customers' requirements as they change.

The benefits of EPG | ISS at a glance:

  • Greater efficiency and transparency for shipping processes
  • Freight shipment lists for specific par cel service providers
  • Preparation of import-function and calculation of routing codes
  • Conversion to CEP-specific data formats, such as Edifact Iftmin, Fortras, XML
  • Fast and secure data exchange (EDI) via FTP, SFTP
  • Private cloud solution reduces operating costs
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Cloud-based shipping logistics.



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