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Digital consulting solutions Digital consulting solutions

Digital solutions conquer the consulting industry.

Consulting services in the field of logistics are often one-off projects: Customers approach the logistics consultant with a defined task and therefore benefit from a solution for a very specific challenge. The complexity of the logistics processes and unexpected, unusual situations such as the COVID 19 pandemic, however, show that companies today have to be provided with the tools to analyze, review and optimize processes continuously and independently. The same applies to short-term project analyses or reviews of the status quo. This also enables them to secure faster success as well as long-term implementation of an optimization strategy – and consequently significant cost reduction opportunities.

Digital consulting solutions

This white paper provides an overview of the status quo of the market with regard to the use of digital consulting solutions. We explain what a system has to offer in order to identify short-term as well as long-term optimization options for companies. You will also learn how you can become your own logistics consultant in a few steps to open up previously hidden cost potentials.

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How crisis-proof is the consulting industry?

The coronavirus pandemic turned everything upside down in spring 2020 – private lives as well as business. Many companies had to completely rethink the way they work and change within the shortest time possible. Logistics providers, however, were and will be faced with the question how they can keep their supply chain running in such unusual situations and intervene directly if necessary. Because, what happens if a supplier suddenly becomes unavailable or another country imposes a ban on all deliveries? Companies want fast answers for these situations and, most importantly, reliable recommendations for action. 

Advantages of digital consulting solutions.

The economic benefit of a web solution is immediately obvious: In contrast to a oneoff consulting service, a digital consulting solution provides customers with long-term benefits – and therefore long-term cost savings as well.

The option of carrying out analyses continuously and independently and implementing, for example, restructuring of the existing storage locations, additionally helps users to save time during project implementation. Linking to a WMS or ERP system also allows users to benefit from an integrated system. Digital solutions also make it easy to work regardless of place or time.

Which solutions are available?

The demand for digital consulting solutions is high, but the range of available products is still relatively small. This is due to many systems only offering the option of using self-contained applications for individual tasks, such as only inventory optimization or only market basket analysis. There are currently hardly any solutions that cover all requirements for logistics optimization. Integrated platforms with a standardized data basis (ERP, WMS) are also rare. The optimum solution should unite a number of different application options and be intuitive to use, for example by offering a web interface with different applications. Such as the Consulting Suite of the EPG. Become a logistics consultant yourself and optimize your logistics independent of time and location.

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The opportunities of digital consulting solutions.

A digital consulting solution is ideal for companies that want to continuously and independently optimize and analyze their logistics and warehouse infrastructure. An external consulting firm should be used only when absolutely necessary. That saves not only money, but also time. Being able to implement optimizations with a few mouse clicks, regardless of place or time, additionally offers a significant competitive advantage. Companies should therefore use the opportunities of digitalization now and drive their process automation in this area as well. Because one thing is more important in logistics than in other industries: Failing to react flexibly will put you at the back of the queue during challenging times.

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