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Freight Freight

Freight can be transported by various means of transport.

Freight refers to goods that are transported by a freight forwarder against payment. It can be shipped by various means of transport. Other terms for freight are load or cargo. The forwarding companies that organise the transport of the freight are exclusively responsible for the transport. They can also carry out the transport themselves but are not obliged to do so. Various means of transport can be used to deliver the freight. Freight trains and lorries can be used, as well as cargo planes or cargo ships.

Perfect transport organisation with the logistics software suite LFS.

In modern logistics, the organisation of the transport of goods plays a central role. With the LFS logistics software suite, you can organise the transport of your goods perfectly. The transportation management software EPG | TMS enables you to plan the delivery routes in the best possible way. The freight costs are calculated in the same way as the freight space. In addition, TMS allows you to track your shipments without any problems. Further services include transit management and the pre-calculation of shipping loading equipment.

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