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Gartner Reports
A computer fortress A computer fortress

Secure hosting: with Ehrhardt + Partner Xtended.

Ehrhardt + Partner Xtended (EPX) are your outsourcing experts when it comes to running the  LFS Software Suite and IT infrastructure necessary. We provide professional support services over the course of your entire project and, in addition, offer 24/7 hotline support. Together with our long-term partners Telekom, TelemaxX, and IBM, we offer a network you can count on. Benefit from our IT service advantage across a wide variety of databases: from DB2 and Oracle to Windows, and all the way to Linux. To this aim, we use the high-availability infrastructure of Germany’s secure computer fortress TelemaxX, which is Tier 3+ and ISO 27001 certified.


EPX Private Cloud on TelemaxX. Cloud made in Germany.

TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH runs four high-security data centers in Karlsruhe, Germany. A total of 250 business clients already trust in the security of these IT fortresses, with dedicated data center floor space and premium-quality server housing: TelemaxX stands for maximum operating reliability of your IT systems. Seven public utility companies based out of Karlsruhe, Germany’s “technology region,” are TelemaxX’s partners/shareholders. Invest in security: TelemaxX is Tier 3+ certified.


Strong network of partners.


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With Ehrhardt + Partner Xtended.

Outsourcing at lightning speed.

With EPX hosting, complicated installations or updates, cost-intensive hardware investments, and time-consuming management tasks become a thing of the past. We provide a direct link to the Karlsruhe servers, and at extraordinary speeds at that: connection speed in Germany is below 100 milliseconds.

Attackers don’t stand a chance.

How the EPX protects your data

  • Data mirroring across multiple German sites
  • Fault monitoring and alarm systems
  • High-redundancy power supply, and emergency generators
  • Data centers are sectioned off into multiple fire zones with early fire detection systems
  • Ultra-modern fire extinguishing system
  • An access control system allows access to the data centers only to authorized users
  • Safety fences, barbed wire, and lightning rods as well as 24/7 video surveillance of the facilities

The advantages of IT outsourcing.

  • “Pay for what you need” – no in-house hardware or licensing costs
  • High-quality, reliable IT services
  • Greater flexibility: with “Pay as you grow,” your IT structures grow alongside your company’s needs
  • Easy integration of your sites/subsidiaries
  • 24/7 on-call hosting support – “On-demand expertise”
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology
Increase the flexibility of your logistics chain.

Our cloud and hosting solutions.


Together we’re strong.

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