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Lydia Voice With SAP integration

Lydia Voice With SAP Integration WMSLydia Voice With SAP Integration WMS

Integrating Lydia Voice With SAP eWM And WM

One of the biggest changes that has occurred to the voice market has been the growth of SAP and their successful eWM offering. The latest industry reports show SAP as the leading supplier of Supply Chain software solutions with almost 30% market share. This strong market position has helped breakdown barriers to voice adoption because eWM includes a seamless interface for voice solutions.

Voice Done Right for SAP

Lydia Voice Enterprise Connector For SAP eWM And WM

Lydia Voice is different than other voice suppliers because our solution integrates with SAP 100%. The Lydia Voice Enterprise Connector for SAP allows native integration of Lydia Voice solutions into SAP. Our entire application logic resides within SAP, enabling the customer to use all standard SAP functions and eliminates the need for a complex engagement process requiring two different partners. The advantage? You can carry out all adaptations and extensions to your Lydia Voice application with your own SAP team.

The Lydia Voice Enterprise Connector for SAP results in faster and more efficient data capture, a smoother workflow process and a significant increase in worker productivity. Warehouse operators receive their work instructions via voice on a mobile device enabling users confirm step by step their work orders via speech. Quite simply, Lydia Voice works like a microphone on SAP. The Lydia Voice Enterprise Connector works seamlessly with barcode scanning, RFID scanning and manual keyboard entry.

The Lydia Voice Connector is best solution for SAP customers wanting to add voice capabilities to their workflow processes and want voice done right for their SAP technology environment.

Not Just Real-Time. Real SAP.

Highlights Of Our SAP Solution

While SAP may have made it easier to integrate voice solutions, most voice suppliers have not used this opportunity to leverage the architectural benefits SAP provides. Unfortunately for the SAP customer, most voice suppliers continue to either use a middleware solution or they have overly complicated the interface activities that require an SAP partner as well as voice partner. Neither option is desirable - businesses know managing a project with a single partner is hard enough, it becomes too complex when two partners have to be engaged.  This is probably the main reason why other voice suppliers struggle to successfully penetrate the SAP market opportunity.

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The success of Lydia Voice with customers using SAP around the world

Sample Lydia Voice SAP References