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Warehouse workers are proud of the warehouse voice picking software Lydia Voice and present the latest state-of-the-art voice devices.

Dare To CompareDare To Compare

Lydia Voice Vs. Other Competitors

Not so long ago, researching voice solution providers was a difficult task due to the limited voice technology options for distribution center and warehouse workflows and tasks. Two viable global voice solutions for the warehouse and distribution market have emerged - Vocollect Voice and Lydia Voice, the second largest global voice solution for the distribution center. Customers moving from Vocollect Voice to Lydia Voice have experienced an 11% worker productivity improvement on average with a 30% reduction in total cost of ownership. 

The Lydia Voice Co-Exist solution enables existing Vocollect customers to easily operate a two-vendor voice strategy without having to undertake any additional voice integration efforts. The Lydia Voice Co-Exist solution can be fully operational in a very short-time and requires minimal customer effort.

Greater Functionality

  • Near identical core voice functionality
  • Modern neural network driven voice recognition  engine to address difficult dialects and accents
  • Expanded workflow capabilities that adds value to existing WMS and empowers voice workers
  • Excel in high-transaction operations - 6,000 users
  • Enterprise SiteSwitcher for multi-site management
  • Multiple proof points on customer replacements
  • Unique Lydia VoiceWear eliminates headsets

More Efficient

  • No voice training required
  • Support for daily and seasonal workforce
  • Less complex integration- days, not months
  • Greater affordability for additional workflows
  • Support for leading Android devices
  • Support multiple headset options
  • Easier to do business with
  • Greater customer "independence"

Better Value

  • ~ 35% less cost
  • No software license transfer fee
  • Reduced "spares pool"
  • Greater flexibility for growing businesses
  • Greater affordability for smaller locations
  • Lower costs for support and maintenance
  • Better TCO
  • No public company investment limitations
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Information On Lydia Voice Solutions

Lydia Voice used by SIMBA DICKIE

  • Lydia Voice has provided an 11% improvement vs. previous voice solution (a nice surprise)
  • Transitioned to Lydia Voice in 2017 after using Vocollect Voice since 2010
  • 50% using Lydia VoiceWear (user choice), rest of users using a wireless headset
  • Over one-million voice picks per year
  • Using SAP eWM with Lydia Voice
  • New and seasonal workers no longer require voice template training (and eliminated monthly voice re-training)

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