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TRANSOM Handling Streamlines Work-flows and Optimizes Billing Management with EPG GHS Automation Package

Oman-based aviation specialist TRANSOM Handling has streamlined and improved its processes at the country’s airports after introducing EPG’s globally-successful GHS ground handling automation software. The new package from the Germany-based technology leader provides TRANSOM with an automated process from scheduling all the way through to invoicing and billing, with the benefit of a common, easy-to-use interface backed up by state-of-the-art security. TRANSOM Handling now confidently expects even faster, more reliable and more efficient services for airside operations clients and their all-important passengers.

“As the leading ground handler in the Sultanate of Oman, it is vital that we provide best-in-class service to our customers and their passengers,” said Mr. Saud Al-Azizi, Executive Director, TRANSOM Handling. “EPG’s GHS automation solution improves our speed and efficiency and provides outstanding visibility in contract and billling operations both to ourselves and, just as importantly, our customers and partners. We are also reassured by the support and communication from EPG and its local contractor, MSS, who are always close at hand to deal with any small issues that may arise as our staff become accustomed to working with new automated systems.”

New project in Oman.

Faster and More Visible Workflow

TRANSOM Handling is the number one ground handling provider in the Sultanate of Oman, aiming to delight passengers from check-in to baggage delivery and to offer elite-level support to aircraft and crew operations. Having assessed that its previously manual operations could not continue to bolster the company’s impressive growth, TRANSOM managers sought an automated solution with a common interface to provide updated data to staff and partners.

TRANSOM Handling chose EPG’s GHS ahead of all competition due to its superior ability to interact seamlessly across such modules as contract management, invoicing and billing, flight service recording and scheduling and domain knowledge, all viewable and accessible via easy-to-use re-ports and dashboards.

Contract and Billing Certainty

A key benefit of GHS is the certainty it brings to contract management and billing, a particularly important aspect of the ground handling industry because services rendered can change at very short notice. GHS features include preparation of handling contracts, end to end mobile activity recording, and all invoicing and billing, including ad hoc and additional services that go beyond the terms of the original contract. The result is full comfort and visibility for all relevant parties on the specific nature, timing and cost of all services carried out.

The rollout of GHS across Oman’s airports is now under way, with TRANSOM’s staff adapting quickly to the new system and working closely on tweaks and enhancements with EPG and its prime local contractor, MSS (Macro Software Systems).

MSS Managing Director Mr. Qais Al-Lamki explained: “As the main contractor on the project, the job of MSS is to offer frontline local support and outstanding communication levels with our clients because we have the huge advantage of being ‘on the ground’ alongside them.” He added: “It was a unique and unforeseen effort to complete this implementation during the peak of the Covid pandemic.”

Ingo Richter, EPG CEO Logistics Solutions, said: “As a true global provider, we are excited to grow EPG’s footprint still further in the Gulf region. We are privileged to be working with TRANSOM Handling in Oman and we look forward to developing our already close relationship with them alongside our local partners, MSS.”