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EPG ONE™ Transportation Management System (TMS) -
Mobile, dynamic and efficient.

The age of online ordering goes hand-in-hand with express and just-in-time delivery. As a result, logistics processes need to be mapped out more quickly and in greater detail. The EPG ONE™ tour planning system (TMS) perfectly coordinates the warehouse and the road. Thanks to seamless integration and interconnection with the EPG ONE™ warehouse management system (LFS), you can manage and control all your logistics processes from a single system. With ease and efficiency – for optimum tour management.

Transportation Management System (TMS) by EPG.
TMS: Live Demo

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Tour management with TMS.

Flexible and cost-effective

Always know where your vehicles are, plan the easiest route and track order statuses online: All with our transport management software TMS. This line of products includes the following modules, among others:

  • Cross docking
  • Freight capacity calculation
  • Freight cost calculation
  • Shipment tracking, log trace
  • Transit management
  • Precalculation of shipping HUs
  • Yard management
  • Tour and route planning
  • Truck driver app DELIVERY

Automatic transportation management software and scheduling

As fully featured software, our transportation management solution comes with the following features:

  • Fully automated assignment of orders to each tour
  • Proposed solutions feature, which is based on customer, road, order, and fleet data, including restrictions such as traffic congestion
  • Last minute orders are taken into account
  • Flexible adaptation to the current traffic situation possible via drag & drop

Working with the PTV Group, we have an experienced partner by our side to help us visualize all tours, thereby ensuring that you always have the latest maps and the highest quality of data at your fingertips.

A powerful union: TMS and LFS.

Plan your order assignment in accordance with available vehicles, make efficient use of the load capacities of your fleet of vehicles, and automatically calculate the optimum route thanks to our tour planning module: combined with the warehouse management software (LFS), you benefit from major time savings. All warehouse data is transmitted to the transportation management software in real time. On-time deliveries, shortest possible travel distances, and a fully automated assignment of orders to each tour ensure that your processes run smoothly, allowing you to handle a larger volume of orders while maintaining your existing fleet of vehicles.

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Transportation Management Solutions.

All the benefits of the transportation management system (TMS) at a glance

  • Full process integration into LFS: interfaces to third-party systems are no longer needed
  • TMS is operated using the familiar LFS user interface
  • Extremely transparent and efficient
  • Time savings thanks to streamlined process workflows
  • Cost savings thanks to optimum route planning
  • Paper-based receipts, notes, and documents become redundant

The truck driver app



DELIVERY is our app for truck drivers, providing support when planning the order processing workflow all the way to handing over the goods to the customer. Each step is seamlessly and transparently integrated into the LFS tour management and scheduling system. Step by step, the driver is guided through the various activities of his tour, while at the same time keeping track of the progress of his tour and the orders contained therein, and transmitting his status to LFS in real time. And, if required, the driver can achieve all this using his smartphone or tablet running on either the Android or iOS operating system. He can even use the system when offline: easy and mobile.



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