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Dock Management

Dock and Yard Management

Your reliable link between transport and intralogistics

More than just time slot management:
EPG ONE™ Dock Management (DOCK)

Delays, long waiting times and lack of capacity at cargo terminals can cause high costs. With EPG ONE™ Dock Management (DOCK) including web portal, we offer a solution with which logisticians not only plan, control and optimize their delivery and pick-up traffic to the warehouse, logistics or distribution center. Users also profit from the direct process integration of the dock management into a superordinated warehouse management system, like for example warehouse management system (LFS) - and thus from a significantly higher transparency and savings potential through the networking of both areas. Through the additional link to the web portal, forwarders achieve more planning reliability and have an overview of the order volume and the status of order processing at all times.

Dock Management (DOCK)

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Optimally networked.

Our dock management has powerful features, with which you can significantly increase process efficiency and transparency in freight management - at the same time you reduce your costs, because you profit from exactly coordinated processes in transport management and intralogistics. The optimal interaction of both areas shortens the distances in the warehouse and the right goods are made available for pick-up on the right staging area. In this way, the orders are available at the terminal exactly when they are picked up. This significantly reduces waiting times for transport service providers.

Functions at a glance.

Dock management simply efficient.

To ensure that your goods arrive at the right place at the right time, we network all processes via DOCK. And to make sure that this works, the solution has exactly the features that are necessary for this.

Through the integrated WEBPORTAL, warehouse operators can network directly with their forwarders. Give your transportation service providers the opportunity to book time slots across locations. The data is synchronized in real time with DOCK. In addition, status tracking is possible for both forwarders and warehouse operators - online and in real time. Profit from the intelligent digitalisation of your time slot management – and bring more transparency to your supply chain.

With the integrated arrival board you have everything in view: Visualize all information on the available time windows clearly on one interface. This increases transparency for both the warehouse staff and the truck driver. Both see exactly when which order is ready or has to be picked up. In this way, even short-term plan changes can be flexibly taken into account.

With Gate Scheduling you plan your gate allocation at the freight terminal - and in such a way that the goods arrive at the gate by the shortest route through the warehouse. This is ensured by an integrated automatic planning system, which reduces staging distances in the warehouse. This also reduces throughput times.

The self check-in function enables the driver to log on to the warehouse location in a contactless and intuitive manner. This person then immediately receives all necessary information about his order. At the same time, the warehouse staff can also call up all status information in the DOCK and thus see when the driver reaches the gate at any time.

The advantages at a glance:

  • All-in-one solution: time slot, dock and warehouse management
  • Ideal matching of transport and intralogistics
  • Transparent information exchange between suppliers/forwarders and warehouse operators
  • Saving internal costs through path and area optimization
  • Reduced downtimes thanks to seamless transfer to the loading ramps
  • Satisfied customers through more transparency and planning reliability

For a holistic supply chain management.

With our dock management, all players in the supply chain are optimally networked with each other: The solution ensures transparency in the area of freight management and links this information in real time with intralogistics. In this way, all processes can be precisely coordinated.

Maximum performance: synergetic processes in transport and intralogistics.

Freight terminal operators face the challenge, organize your internal warehouse processes so that the right goods are available for collection at the right terminal at the right time. DOCK controls the processes of intralogistics on the basis of information from transport logistics and ensures an optimal transfer of the goods. For this purpose, the system links the pending order volume in the warehouse directly with the information from the integrated web portal. Not only is it possible to actively book time slots for picking up and delivering the goods. Logistics companies can also network directly with their forwarders via the web portal. This enables just-in-time provision of the goods for further transport. The exact planning also enables a better distribution of the order load throughout the day and avoids downtimes of the trucks at the freight terminal. An integrated automatic planning system also ensures, Reduce provisioning distances in the warehouse and at the same time ensure more flexibility, for example in the event of delays. Through the exact coordination of all processes, throughput times are reduced significantly, while transparency for all participants in the supply chain is significantly increased, as everyone is involved in the planning from the very beginning.

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