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Time is money: Solutions for the aviation sector.

Everyone flying on holiday knows that delays can sometimes be stressful, because who wants to spend their long awaited holidays at the airport instead of on the beach. The same applies to goods deliveries. For example, when ordering goods for example from Asia we expect short delivery times and the products to arrive in a flawless condition. Underpinning all these processes are complex process chains which require precise coordination between ground handlers, airlines and airports. Our digital solutions for the aviation sector ensure you remain profitable even when under time-pressure yourself and that you have satisfied customers.

The aviation solutions are modular in design and meet all the needs of the sector.

  • Integrated seasonal and daily flight planning
  • Standard ground handling and service level agreement management
  • Easy connection to other aviation and logistics solutions
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Multi-station and multi-country compatible
  • Secure and highly-available cloud solutions
In Focus.

Bill more services with digital aviation solutions

The aviation sector has many hidden cost factors. For example, aircraft downtimes must be kept as short as possible and current flight data must be used to ensure employee availability to perform the requisite tasks. Loading and unloading a landed aircraft along with the necessary service checks must be processed immediately and very quickly. The performance of all these aviation related services costs money – and must be fulfilled on the basis of agreed contracts. Through our aviation solutions we ensure that ground handlers and airports fully record, document and bill all the services you have provided. No service provided is forgotten. And at the end of the day revenues increase.